Friday, November 12, 2010


I've just completed reading 'Sun Stand Still' by Steven Furtick, which encourages Christians to embolden their lives, based on the 'humanly' unexplained event described in Chapter 10: 11-13 of the Book of Joshua, in the King James Version of the Bible. 

Now according to that Scripture, at Joshua's request the 'sun stood still, and the moon stayed until the nation (of Israel) took vengeance on their enemies.' Furtick's argument is, that as Christians, once we align our purpose with God's purpose for our life we can make the same request of Jehovah and it will be done. 

But what Mr Furtick and others like him may not realize is, there are MILLIONS of people, many not even Christians, who live "Sun Stand Still' moments every single second of every single day. I can talk because I'm one of them and I learnt how to, from my Grandmother, who lived and breathed on every word of God. 

There are millions of people, many who are not Christians, who rely daily on the provisions of God and Sun Stand Still moments, to get through every single minute of every single day. They defy the odds that our 'society' has placed on them and their lifestyle. Their days are marked by so much turmoil in their life, that to survive and make it from point A to B they MUST rely on a higher power or wander in the abyss of society's conventions forever. 

Some people are fortunate  to become members of societies, forums and groups that help bring purpose to the mundane aspects of their lives.These social structures help us to keep the focus which brings us nearer to achieving small actionable goals and hitting our targets. 

But many of us, myself included, I have also drawn strength, not only from the Sun Stand Still scripture, but from Blind Bartimaeus (Luke 18:35); from the Widow and her pot of oil in 2 Kings and all the other scripture (including the Bhagwat Gita) that have daily woven a fabric in my live that is impenetrable to the forces of negativity and defeat. 

I have discovered, whatever the situation, there is a reference in scripture that once studied and followed will lead to a solution that is both empowering and restorative. There really is NO problem under the sun, (including diseases, cancer, weight loss, debt, unfaithful spouses, sexual preferences, war and peace) that has not been faced before and the solution documented in the scripture for us, if we really persevered to achieve the ultimate objective.  

Additionally, we must also learn to trust our inner self and have faith in our Creator to know what is right for us. If your being speaks powerfully to you on a matter, act on that 'feeling' it is YOU speaking to you for you.  This may sound a little bit crazy but my personal philosophy is: 'I have been called crazy and delusional for not conforming to the 'real world', but so was Jesus Christ and the way I figure it, if I'm in his company it can't be wrong.' 

So I to speak to myself often and in impossible terms in order to force myself to speak back to me  powerful, positive affirmations.

When there is turmoil in my life I tell myself : " Watch me while I walk on rough seas,  through Hurricane  Life, towards Jesus Christ who has asked me to step out the boat and walk to Him in the middle of the ocean.  But I must keep my focus on Jesus or I will sink" 

When I am about to do something that I have not thought through completely I tell myself "I'm jumping off this cliff, I know,  I'll grow  my wings on the way down." 

Or when I am facing an insurmountable task "I've spoken to my mountain and it is gone." 

I have learnt to talk myself into action and I have found that it has automatically resolved my panic and anxiety attacks  I used to experience.  I am completly healed. 

You want to know about Sun Stand Still and walk on water (well hot burning coals)? I once danced and walked on hot coals during a Navrati ritual (Fire Dance) at home in Trinidad. Didn't fast or anything, just went to observe and the next thing I knew I was being 'shantied' after participating in the ritual. AND for me, THAT was definitely a Sun Stand Still moment. 

BUT that is another blog altogether. 

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

- David

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There was chaos in Scotland Bay Village. Everywhere, everyone was busy; packing, unpacking, leaving burnt bare lands for the Americans.

Away from the noises and confusion the aquamarine Caribbean waves played a soft calypso rhythm, strumming, rippling, kissing bare toes, feet and ankles dug deep into the cold, clammy sand.

The air was laden, ready, thick with the rancid scent of seaweed, salt and smoke carried in the spray; pushed by angry, crashing, foaming waves against a stony coastline up and around the Bay’s end.

She was misted; creating an eerie appearance as she sat back hunched on a fallen tree trunk embedded in the sand; knees tucked under the wide folds of her skirt. Damp grainy sand and the sea waters rushed up; bubbling in between her fingers and feet. Gently she rested her chin on her knees and looked out at the fading horizon, watching the day in its brilliance and splendor of death at sunset. The fiery gold of the sun’s rays; fingering, shimmering on the aquamarine canopy of the sea, dazzling blinding and ever so slowly, churning to taunting, tangerine orange and saffron reds; cascading into purple, violets and royal blue of evening time with ballet like precision. And later as stars peeping first play hide and seek with the naked eye, streaks of charcoal gray strut into midnight black, shadowing the earth into illusions of peace-fullness, as twinkling jewels finally sparkle in the phosphorescent gleam of a splendid Caribbean moonlight.

The gulf steamer disregarding war time surveillance orders; tugged by, alerting Astral Le Noireau to the lateness of the hour. She sighed lifted tiny hands from the sand and stared as the grains quietly trickled back into their places on the seemingly un-rumpled shore. The signal light of the streamer as it passed by and answering flashed from the lighthouse, momentarily blinded her as she turned huge tear filled almond shaped golden eyes up and then out, taking in the silver-ness of the long familiar Scotland Bay coastline, now bathed in the beauty of a full Caribbean moonlight. The gentle breeze blew her blue black hair into her eyes and face, as one hand rose gracefully to whip the unruly strands back into place. Silently a figure standing in the shadows of a coconut palm tree observed her.

Astral stood crying silently, watching the village she so love fade into the night shadows as the steamer padded laboriously out into the first Boca. Every inch further way from Scotland Bay felt like a fist clenching around her lung, stifling her, killing her. She stood rooted until Chateau le Noireau was no longer visible as they rounded the bend at Delgada Point. Until tears of frustration overwhelmed her and she crumbled to the seat on the almost empty steamer. Astral Le Noireau and her precious possession were some of the last things to evacuate from her village.

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